Monday, May 2, 2011

CTMH - So let's crunch some numbers on the 1/2 price consultant kit...

Okay, I admit it.  I'm an accountant by trade, so crunching numbers is second nature to me.  Last night, I was thinking what a fabulous value the starter kit was to begin with, but WOW - at half price?  Now, it's an incredible, don't pass this up value!

So, here's how it breaks down as far as retail value/cost:

The business essentials (business supplies such as forms, etc) - $24.75. Everyone gets this with their starter kit regardless of the "Choose Me" options selected.

  • Choose Me Option 2 - $99.00
  • Choose Me Option 3 - $66.85
  • Choose Me Option 4 - $78.55
  • Choose Me Option 5 - $73.60
  • Choose Me Option 6 - $75.05
Now, if you take the three highest price items (Choose Me Options 2, 4 and 6) plus the business essentials, the value is $277.35.  At $64.50, that's 76% off of the retail value of those items.  Think about it - you're getting your new consultant kit for just 24% of the retail cost of the items!  Where else can you find such hiqh quality products at a phenomenal price?

Even if you take the lowest price three items (Choose Me Options 3, 5 and 6) plus the business essentials, the value is $240.25.  At a cost of $64.50, that's 73% off of the retail value of those items!  You're paying just 27% of the cost with your new kit!

Really though, it's an even BETTER value than that!  You can get your "You and Me" kit for FREE when you sign up as a new consultant in May. The retail value of that kit (if purchased) is $34.95.  So, the value in the first scenario would be $312.30 while the value in the second scenario would be $275.20.  In the former scenario, it's now 79% discount off of the retail value while the latter scenario now is a 77% discount.  That's absolutely INCREDIBLE!

The cost of a MyCTMH website is discounted for new consultants during their first 12 months as a consultant.  It's 54% off during your first year to help you get established with your own e-commerce website.

So who should take advantage of this deal?  Everyone!!!  Seriously, whether you sign up to start a business or simply to get your own supplies at a discount, everyone should sign up.   Your  first quarter as a new consultant (when minimum sales become a factor) is July 31, 2011 - September 30, 2011.   That means you will enjoy a 22% discount (plus potential overrides) from now through September 30th! I'll support you whether this is a business or hobby for you.  There's room on my team for everyone. Want more information on why I joined plus some of the perks and reasons to join?  Check out this page - The Sandcastle Stampers. Want to see what's in the kit options?  Then check this page - Join my team during May 2011.  Ready to sign up?  Then head over to my website!  I'd love to have you join my team.
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