Friday, June 5, 2009

CTMH Deal A Day - Just Blooms Autumn Daisy - what a DEAL!

Today's deal is the Just Blooms Autumn Daisy paper flowers. And it really is a deal! The flowers are regularly 7.95. With the special $3.00 shipping, it's a steal!

Let me show you:
Normal pricing:
B Sized stamp set - $13.95
Just Blooms flowers 7.95
Shipping/handling 7.95(usual minimum for shipping)
Tax 1.79
Total $31.64

With the deal a day and special shipping:
B Sized stamp set - $13.95
Just blooms flowers 0.00
Shipping/Handling 3.00
Tax 1.49
Total $18.44

Now is the time to pick up that My Acrylix stamp set you've wanted. The Just Blooms are a bonus! As you can see, deals like this don't come along every day!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for doing the math! What a great deal!



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