Saturday, June 6, 2009

CTMH Deal-A-Day - Designer Ribbon Rounds - Chocolate Collection

Today's deal is the Chocolate Ribbon Rounds. That's 4 spools of Chocolate ribbon with 6 feet on each spool. All for free, when you purchase one My Acrylix® stamp set size A, B, C, D, or E to your order (Customized Stamps and Stamp of the Month excluded)!

Don't miss out on this deal - it's a super one! In case you need the breakdown of savings, here it is, using a B size stamp set:

B Sized stamp set - $13.95
Just Blooms flowers 7.95
Shipping/handling 7.95(usual minimum for shipping)
Tax 1.79
Total $31.64

With the deal a day and special shipping:
B Sized stamp set - $13.95
Just blooms flowers 0.00
Shipping/Handling 3.00
Tax 1.49
Total $18.44

I'm using the opportunity to finish my collection of Solo's alphabets. It's cheaper than just buying the stamp online, and I get something for free!

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