Monday, October 26, 2009

CTMH - Using watercolor pencils

I love our watercolor pencils.  They match the colors in our papers, and with a little shading and a blender pen, you can lighten or darken the color.  For some reason, when I mention them, friends think that they need to be artists to use them.  (I believe that anyone can be an artist - but that's a topic for another day).  So, I want to show you how easy and fool proof they can be!

Step 1:  Stamp your image.  I used My Acrylix stamp set B1330 -  Surprise.  

Normally, I would stamp and emboss, but in the interest of time, I used a quick-drying pigment ink.  

Step 2: I knew that I wanted lighter shading in my finished piece, so I colored just within the inside of the lines (but did not entirely color any one section):
Step 3: Using the blending pen, I pulled the color from the outside by the lines to the interior of the design.  I did this with each color.  I used the same blender pen, using scratch paper between colors to ensure that I didn't bleed my colors together.  (You could also use a water brush here, but my preference is the blender pen.)

Finally, I cut the image down to size and used it on a card.  Today, I sent it to one of my best friends! 
For the card, I also used Sweet Pea Level 2 papers and Blush ribbon rounds.

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