Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm celebrating, but YOU might get a present

Tell me your favorite way to celebrate, or tell me a funny story about a celebration. For every comment you leave by Sunday night, I will enter you into a drawing for a prize. I have several cool things to give away, so make sure you share!


  1. Celebrate? What's that? You know, I might celebrate if you shared something cool with me. Actually, I found a neat website called "The Little Black Box" I got so excited about it that I ordered one and started to do a happy dance. I can't wait til it comes in, then I will probably celebrate again. Oh yeah and when daughter #2 moves out in a few weeks I will celebrate with another happy dance. I don't want her to feel left out since I did the happy dance when daughter #1 moved into her own apartment. I feel as though I have accomplished the task the Lord set before me to raise them up to love the Lord and stand on their own.
    What is it that you are celebrating?

  2. My favorite way to celebrate is with the entire family and a few friends added in too.. We usually throw a big outdoor party to celebrate whether it's good news or a birthday. To me the best celebration is with family.
    Barb S. (FL)



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