Monday, May 25, 2009

A day for rememberance

and to honor our heroes. Many people have served this country, in times of war, conflict and peace. I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to the heroes, and the families for the sacrifices they have also made.

My own father was a soldier in World War II. He was in the 104th Infantry - Timberwolf. Only in the last year or two has he been able to talk about his experience. I created a layout about 8 months ago, and this is an excerpt of the journaling:
"I can't picture my Dad at war. It's such a contradiction to the man I know. He's such a gentleman and a gentle man. The thought of him carrying a rifle, trained to kill, just doesn't fit with the man I know. The man I know is kind and patient, loving and caring. I can only guess that the experience shaped the man I know.

Though he's never talked much about the war, one story may explain a lot. Shortly after his arrival in Europe, they were surrounded by enemy fire. He said he crouched in his fox hole and prayed. He said he's never felt more at peace in his life. When the gunfire ended, he looked down at his rifle to realize that it had been hit, but that he had not."

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  1. Oh my gosh, that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, God, that your dad was not harmed. Prayer is so very powerful.



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